Baseline Footprints
A footprint is a list of inventory items pre-selected to minimize the time needed to assign a picksheet to a surgery. The system will automatically compile, and allow selection for, the "Last Used" and two most "Common" picksheet footprints. However, "Baseline" footprints are those that are manually created for a specific surgeon at a given facility. Multiple baselines may be created for each surgeon and each may be tagged with a descriptive name.
Creating a Baseline Footprint
  1. Login and select Schedule.
  2. Click on the Surgeons button. You will see all surgeons associated with your team/location.
  3. For each surgeon listed, there will be a Add Baseline Footprint or Edit Baseline Footprint link. Click the link for the surgeon you wish to create a baseline for.
  4. If a baseline for the selected surgeon already exists, you will be taken to the "Existing Baseline Footprints" screen. If no baseline yet exist, you will be taken directly to the creation screen and can skip the next step.
  5. The "Existing Baseline Footprints" screen displays a list of baseline footprints that have been created for the given surgeon. From here you can Add a new Baseline Footprint, Edit an existing baseline, or Delete an existing baseline. Clicking Add or Edit will take you to the creation screen.
  6. The "Add/Edit Baseline Footprint" screen is the familiar picksheet selection screen with the addition of adding an optional descriptive "Baseline Footprint Name." It is this descriptive name that will appear in the Inventory Selection screen, so it is advised to choose an applicable name for each baseline footprint.
  7. Choose the inventory items and their associated amounts to fill out the footprint, add a descriptive name and any additional notes that may be applicable. When ready, click the Save Baseline Footprint and Return button.
  8. You will then return to the "Existing Baseline Footprints" screen where you can add more baselines for the given surgeon or modify any of the existing baselines.
  9. You can select a different surgeon to create a baseline footprint for by clicking the "Back to Surgeon Search" link at the top left of the screen.
Using a Baseline Footprint
  1. Once a surgery is scheduled for the given surgeon at the facility, you will see, on the inventory selection screen, baseline footprint choices on the left side.
  2. If you only have one footprint, it will be displayed with a button. However, if you have multiple footprints, you will be presented with a dropdown menu of choices, ordered by usage, from which to make your selection. Notice how, as you make a choice from the dropdown menu, the inventory items displayed are refreshed to match your choice. Click on the footprint that you wish to use.
  3. Add or delete any inventory items, and save the inventory order as you normally do. Good luck!
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