User Customization
sTrack™ allows for user customization of which menu items will be displayed and what emails they should receive. Menu customization allows for sTrack™ to be displayed across a myriad of devices and still allow for each user's preferred functionality.
Customizing Menus
  1. Login and select the Customize link in the lower right corner of any screen.
  2. Clicking on or off any of the checkboxes next to each menu entry will enable or disable that menu item.
  3. Each menu item has a dropdown box next to it with a list of numbers. The number displayed is the current menu order number assigned for each menu item. Changing any of the values for any menu item will reorder the menu to your specifications. Please note that disabled menu items will still have a menu order value assigned to it.
  4. Next to the Search menu item is a dropdown that allows for selction of either "Classic" or "Enhanced" view.
    • Classic View displays all search parameters regardless of if they are used or not. This works well for frequently changed search parameters. However, "Named Searches" are not available to be used for this view.
    • Enhanced View displays a small subset of the search parameters, but allows for "filters" to be added to refine your search. This works best for searches that are repeated with a specific set of filters. "Named Searches" cna be selected to displayed a pre-defined set of search filters in this view. Also, once a set of filters has been chosen, one may save the filterset as a new "Named Search".
  5. Changes are saved automatically as you set them.
  6. The Reset Menu to Default button will clear any customizations that have been set and revert all menu settings back to the system default.
Customizing Email Alerts
  1. On the right-hand side of the Customize screen is a list of email alerts that you can receive.
  2. Next to each available alert is a checkbox. Any alert with a checked box will be sent; any alert without a checked box will be disabled.
  3. Changes are saved automatically as you set them.
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